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The 2019 Bridging Clinical Research & Clinical Health Care Collaborative brings together health care professionals, patients, physicians, academics, clinical researchers, service and technology providers, and regulatory authorities with a shared goal: to improve participation in clinical research and eliminate the chasm that divides research and care.

The Collaborative is working this year with the Learning Health Community (LHC), a nonprofit organization devoted to rapidly sharing knowledge from research results to inform health decisions.

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What Thought Leaders Have to Say About the Collaboration:

“To unlock the next chapter of medical innovation requires a concerted and collaborative approach that taps into the expertise and experience of patients, health providers, researchers, regulatory bodies and the life sciences industry.”

Badhri Srinivasan, ABD, MS
Head, Global Development Operations, Novartis

“As an industry, we are all committed to the common goal of getting new medicines and treatments to market faster and more safely. New technologies and improved standards are being implemented across the board, but true transformation will only happen when all members of the industry come together.”

Sam Volchenboum, MD, PhD, MS, Director, Center for Research Informatics, The University of Chicago

“Research is central to the future enhancement of health care. Until recently, clinical research [opportunities for patients] has been limited to major academic centers… The Bridging Clinical Research & Clinical Health Care Collaborative presents numerous experts who will provide attendees with novel approaches that open clinical research to the entire population.”

Peter Glass, MD, ChB, DA, FFA, Chief Medical Officer, Advantia Health

“The 2019 Bridging Collaborative will be a unique opportunity to convene at the National Academy of Sciences to progress the activities from the 2018 Collaborative and the Consensus Action Plan of the Learning Health Community. Interesting presentations by experts from all perspectives and potentially ‘fiery’ discussions among participants are necessary to address existing impediments and generate constructive and collaborative solutions such that we can rapidly translate knowledge from research into better health care for the sake of patients, and we are all patients!”

Rebecca Kush, PhD, Scientific Innovation Officer, Elligo Health Research; Founder, CDISC; Fellow, Translational Research Informatics Center

“This is the beginning of an important conversation that needs to happen if we are to advance clinical research and deliver more cures for patients in need.”

John Lewis, Independent Consultant, Intersect Strategies

“When research can run naturally in the background of health care, it can become easier for treating physicians to engage, patients to become aware, and investigators to capture data for research.”

Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, Pfizer

“As a physician [clinical research as a health care option] means providing the best health care option to my patients both now and in the future.”

B.J. Rimel, MD, Gynecologic Oncologist, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

“More than just recognizing there are individual stakeholders in research, Bridging Collaborative aims to bring ALL of them together and work through the differing priorities and constraints to find true solutions to the many issues facing getting new treatments to patients.”

T.J. Sharpe, Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate

“This Collaborative is key to enhancing the necessary communication and transparency between all stakeholders on regulatory initiatives and new and changing issues in the ethical oversight of research.”

Michele Russell-Einhorn, JD
Chief Compliance Officer and Institutional Official, Advarra

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2019 Keynote Speakers

Joshua Rubin, JD, MBA, MPH, MPP

President and CEO, Learning Health Community

Michelle Keefe

President, Commercial Solutions, Syneos Health

Bridging Clinical and Learning Health Community Collaboration

In 2019, the Bridging Clinical Research & Clinical Health Care Collaborative will join forces with the nonprofit organization, the Learning Health Community, to again convene prominent thought leaders from across the industry to debate issues and establish collaborative solutions to increase participation in and knowledge-sharing from clinical research and to progress the LHC Consensus Action Plan.

The Learning Health Community is a nonprofit organization that works to mobilize, inspire and empower multiple and diverse stakeholders nationally and globally to work collaboratively to realize person-centered learning health systems anchored in a set of shared consensus Core Values.

Seize the Opportunity to Work Toward Our Common Goal:
Better Health Care for All Our Futures

The Bridging Collaborative offers a unique stage enabling thought leaders from pharma, academia, health care, clinical research, emerging biotech, service and technology companies, regulatory agencies and more to collaboratively work with each other and with patients and patient advisory groups to problem-solve ways to make better connections between clinical research and health care.

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